Members guide the priorities of the AMI through Emerging Marketers groups, elected State Councils and a National Board of Directors, ensuring representation for professional marketers and their changing needs.

The Australian Marketing Institute's record of service to the marketing profession goes all the way back to our origin in 1933. Over the intervening years we have continually evolved to meet the changing needs of marketers, delivering services to help members maximise their professional growth.

The Institute’s leadership role in advancing the marketing profession has resulted in the emergence of Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) accreditation as a practising benchmark, the establishment of a Code of Professional Conduct, and the move towards defined practising standards for marketers and marketing metrics for organisations.

Members guide the priorities of the Institute through elected State Councils and a National Board of Directors, ensuring representation for every state at the national level.

The following activities are a number of ways you can get involved with the Institute:


Given today's highly competitive environment, joining your professional association gives you access to marketing and your future employers. Membership of the Institute is an indication to potential employers of your commitment to a career in marketing.

By developing your marketing capabilities and your professional contacts, you are increasing your competitive advantage in your chosen career.

For further information or to apply for membership please go to:  Student Membership Application Form

Emerging Marketers

Emerging Marketers is a special interest group initiative designed to cater specifically for the needs of marketing students from tertiary institutions, recent marketing graduates and young marketers with less than five years of experience. 

The group provides opportunities to network and socialise with other marketing students, recent graduates or emerging marketers at dedicated functions. The Emerging Marketers provide industry and career development events ranging from breakfasts to workshops and evening seminars. Get in early to find out about the marketing profession or maybe even an opportunity to meet potential employers.
For further information please go to: Emerging Marketers

Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program

Benefits for mentees

  • Access to a senior marketer who can provide professional guidance and support 
  • Networking opportunities with peers and senior marketers 
  • Advice during the developmental stages of your marketing career
  • New skills to advance to the next level of your career

Benefits for mentors

Senior marketers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer emerging marketers about the realities of marketing in today's environment. Your participation will provide you with:
  • Qualifying hours towards maintaining your Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) status 
  • Networking opportunities across different industries
  • Access to up-and-coming talent 
  • The challenge and excitement of working with a passionate emerging marketer
For further information please go to: Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program

Marketing Update Newsletter

Marketing Update is the national newsletter of the Australian Marketing Institute and is distributed to our members six times a year (bi-monthly). The Institute encourages the submission of articles from members for the Member Say columns that would be of interest to the readership of our Marketing Update newsletter.

If you would like to share your thoughts with fellow marketers on marketing insights or trends, a marketing campaign conducted by your organisation, or your own marketing experiences then the Institute would welcome those contributions.

State Committees (SCs)

State committees consist of volunteer councilors whose principal function is the development and organisation of state based events in conjunction with the state appointed events organiser.  

Committee's contribution to the Institute:

  • Ensuring the Committee is conducted with good governance; 
  • Managing Committee's financial affairs diligently and overseeing matters referred from the national board;
  • Monitoring trends and opportunities for the Institute;
  • By participation in the relevant committee structure e.g., presidents meetings, emerging marketers, events etc.

Other areas that State Committees can assist include:

  • Networking with members and prospective members at state events and conferences
  • Careers or membership presentations to students and academic staff
  • Liaising with educational bodies and promoting the role of the Institute
  • Reviewing working papers 
  • Providing guidance (and mentoring) to the Emerging Marketers Committee
  • Involvement in Special Interest Groups 
State Committees can provide great assistance through their local networks to facilitate our representation to prospective individual and corporate members. Councillors may also be involved on sub committees, in addition to serving on Committee.

For further information please contact the Australian Marketing Institute on:              
Tel: 02 8256 1654 or Email:

National Board of Directors

The national board of directors consists of the following:

  • Eight state / territory appointed directors
  • Up to four board appointed directors. The appointment of these directors is at the discretion of the eight state/territory appointed directors
Directors are responsible for the overall successful operations of the Institute.            
Their duties include:
  • Ensuring that the strategic direction as established by the Board is achieved
  • Monitoring and revising financial management and solvency
  • Executing all matters as prescribed by law relating to the operation of the Institute
  • Considering and approving all major business plan issues 
  • Establishment of board committees to execute the business plan
  • To act independently and not at the behest of a state council or any outside party
For further information please contact the Australian Marketing Institute on:               
Tel: 02 8256 1654 or Email: