As part of the Australian Marketing Institute Awards for Marketing Excellence, some other high-profile awards are presented.

Sir Charles McGrath Award

Sir Charles McGrath had a distinguished record as a leading Melbourne and Australian industrialist, most notably as chairman of Repco, which was one of the catalysts for Pacific Dunlop. He was knighted for his services to industry and export.

Since 1976, the Sir Charles McGrath Award has been presented to those who have made the most significant contribution to the field of marketing through sound business practice, development of the marketing profession, or wider industry achievements.

The past winners

 2017: Andrew Baxter FAMI CPM  2016: Holly Kramer
2015: Launa Inman
 2014: Lorna Jane Clarkson  2013: Harold Mitchell AC
 2012: Bernie Brookes AMAMI
 2011: John Roberts FAMI CPM
 2010: Ian Alwill AMAMI
 2009: Tony Palmer
 2008: Justin Milne
 2007: Gail Kelly
 2006: Mark G. Smith FAMI CPM
 2005: Trevor Amery FAMI CPM
 2004: Graham Turner
 2003: Roger Corbett FAMI
 2002: Geoff Dixon FAMI CPM
 2001: Maureen Plavsic AMAMI
 2000: Kevin Luscombe FAMI CPM
 1999: Michael Gudinski FAMI  1998: Robert Gerard  1997: timing changeover year
 1996: Bob Copp FAMI CPM  1995: Neville Fielke FAMI CPM  1994: Stephen Couche FAMI CPM
 1993: Bob Miller FAMI CPM  1992: Paul Simons FAMI  1991: James Strong
 1990: Rod Mewing   1989: Peter Cottrel  1988: Peter Bartels FAMI
 1987: Dean Wills FAMI  1986: Will Bailey FAMI  1985: Hector Crawford
 1984: Maggie Taberer  1983: Don Hughes  1982: E. Stanley Owens CBE
 1981: Frank Bannigan FAMI  1980: BS (Bib) Stillwell  1979: Robert Ansett
 1978: Harry M. Miller  1977: Douglas Clark JP  1976: Sir Albert Jennings

Certified Practising Marketer of the Year

This award has been established to strengthen the position of the Certified Practising Marketer as a recognition of long-term service to marketing and long-term marketing achievement.

The past winners

 2017: John Clay FAMI CPM  2016: Nicolle Jenkins FAMI CPM
 2015: Caroline Patrick FAMI CPM
 2014: Nick Baker
 2013: Simon McDowell
 2012: John Sintras AMAMI  2011: David Redhill FAMI CPM  2010: Ken Roberts FAMI CPM
 2009: John Thompson FAMI CPM  2008: Tara Lordsmith FAMI CPM  2007: Graeme Chipp
 2006: Nick Rodd FAMI CPM  2005: Don Richter FAMI  2004: Iggy Pintado FAMI CPM

Certified Marketing Officer of the Year

This award has been established to strengthen the position of the Chief Marketing Officer as a recognition of long-term service to marketing and long-term marketing achievement.

 2017: Vanessa Lyons AMAMI

Future Leader Award

Inaugurated in 2013, the Award promotes the critical role future marketing leaders will play as key contributors to value creation for organisations and recognises excellence in leadership qualities and marketing skills.  Applications are accepted from March to May - please click here for further information and criteria.

The past winners

 2017: Michael Laps AMAMI    
 2016: Rosie Anderson    
 2015: Gina Lednyak    
 2014: Sarah Mathews    
 2013: Rebecca McSwiney FAMI


Marketing Team of the Year

 2017: Curtin University
 2016: Taylors Wines

Life Membership

The AMI awards Life Membership in recognition of meritorious service in advancing the objectives of the AMI in the profession of marketing.  Life Membership is conferred on the recommendation of the AMI Board. This is the most prestigious honour that the AMI awards to members for outstanding service and leadership in the field of marketing practice and leadership.

2017  Patricia Duffy FAMI CPM
Kathy Hatzis FAMI CPM
Demetri Hughes FAMI CPM
2016  Peter Sinclair FAMI CPM
Liz Del Borrello FAMI CPM
Sean Grant CPM
Tony Mansfield AFAMI CPM
2015  Graham Wright FAMI CPM
Chris Mooney FAMI CPM
2014  Nick Kariotoglou FAMI CPM
Ken Roberts FAMI CPM


Marco Cicchine FAMI CPM

Peter Gates FAMI CPM

Lee Tonitto FAMI CPM


Neil Shoebridge AMAMI


Ron Banks FAMI


Roger James FAMI CPM


Anthony Palmer FAMI CPM


Tim Ambler FAMI

Adrian Earl FAMI CPM

Dean Wills FAMI


Donald Robert Copp FAMI CPM

Bill Elsy FAMI CPM



Trevor Amery FAMI CPM

John Barrett AFAMI

Peter Bartels FAMI

Henry Bosch FAMI

Ross Cameron FAMI CPM

Bert Godwin FAMI CPM

John-Paul Granata AFAMI

Christopher Guesdon FAMI CPM

Andrew Gwinnett FAMI

Robert Harmer AMAMI

Anthony Hart FAMI CPM

Christopher Joscelyne FAMI CPM

Kevin Luscombe FAMI CPM

Kenneth Miller FAMI

David Palmer FAMI

Clarke Reschke FAMI CPM

David Shave FAMI

Johnnie Walker AMAMI

John Walsh of Brannagh FAMI


Geoff Fader FAMI CPM


Michael Gudinski FAMI


Stephen Humphrey AFAMI

William Proud FAMI CPM


Andrew Bowcher AMAMI