The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)
welcomes a new partnership with Association Insurance Australia (AIA) an insurance advisory firm that has over 20 years insurance and risk management experience. Association Insurance Australia have a comprehensive understanding of our industry and can assist members with effective insurance solutions & risk management advice needed to protect themselves and their business. Association Insurance Australia is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet founded in 1996.

Australian marketers who are members of AMI are being afforded a new professional indemnity policy which includes improved features and benefits.

The introduction of a new Professional Indemnity Master Policy for current financial AMI Members is seen as a big step forward for AMI members peace of mind. If you meet the acceptance criteria of the new Policy, you will be provided the opportunity to participate in a higher level of coverage and lower excesses than you have previously been provided.

Please click here for a letter from the CEO which outlines our relationship with AIA and provides further details about the insurance cover.

The new Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy will cover:

All qualifying financial members of the Australian Marketing Institute who operate their business within Australia. The policy will provide cover to:

  1. members who are consultants and generate gross fees of up to $300,000 annually from marketing advice services.
  2. members engaging in part-time or pro-bono consultancy work, even if their regular income comes from an employment role.

If you are an AMI member operating a consultancy business that generates more than $300,000 in gross income, there is no cover under the Master Policy. You need to contact Association Insurance Australia for a separate quotation. Preferential rating will be provided to all AMI Members

The following professional activities are covered by AIA’s Professional Indemnity Policy:

The policy will cover liability of financial members arising out of marketing consultancy, including but not limited to:

  • Marketing Advice
  • Advice about sales strategy and promotion
  • Conduct of and advice about marketing research
  • Advice about online marketing
  • Advice about brand/and or product management
  • Advice about public relations issues
  • Web design, social media, and E-marketing management (but not IT or Software Coding)
  • Strategic management consultancy in relation to marketing activities

AIA’s Policy for AMI Members includes:

  • Professional Indemnity Limit of $5,000,000 per claim and $10,000,000 in the aggregate.
  • Tailored insurance coverage and advice specific to meet the needs of marketing professionals in Australia
  • Improved Cover with less exclusions
  • Nil Excesses for AMI Members who participate in the Master Policy
  • Cover and security provided by a global leading and independent insurer

Australian marketers professional indemnity policy exclusions and limitations

The AIA’s Policy for AIM Members will not cover:

  • Non-marketing advice activities.
  • Examples of non- marketing advice activities are management consulting, human resource consulting, recruitment services and product procurement and management.
  • Non-Marketing advice any other advice activities unrelated to marketing need to be referred to Association Insurance Australia for assessment.

Information about Chubb the underwriter of the master Professional Indemnity insurance policy

This insurance is offered by Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (ABN 23 001 642 020, AFS Licence No. 239687) (Chubb). AIA holds a Master Policy with Chubb.

Claims Made

The proposed Professional Indemnity insurance provided is claims made and notified insurance. I.e. it only covers claims made against you and notified to the insurer during the period of insurance. However, provided that you give the insurer notice of any circumstances that may give rise to a claim against you immediately upon you becoming aware of these facts and during the period of insurance, then this Policy will respond should those facts and circumstances eventuate into a claim at a later date.

Master Policy Notice

For AMI Members who participate in the Master Policy, you are participating in a shared Limit amongst all Insured AMI members. As this is a Master Policy, the Limit of Indemnity for Professional Indemnity is $5,000,000 for any one claim and $10,000,000 in the aggregate. These are all shared limits by all Insured. This means that if the Limit of Indemnity, any reinstatements of the Limit or extensions are exhausted by Claims against some of the Insured, then there will be no cover remaining.

To obtain a copy of the Policy Wording you can send us an email here 

Insurance Advisernet Financial Services Guide 

Privacy Notice

We are committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). Where required, we will provide you with a Collection Notice which outlines how we collect, disclose and handle your personal information. You can also refer to our Privacy Policy available on our website or by contacting us for more information about our privacy practices; including how we collect, use or disclose information, how to complain in relation to a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, and how such a complaint will be handled.

Insurance Advisernet Australia Disclaimer 

For any member enquiries in relation to a Certificate of Currency for the AMI Professional Indemnity Insurance, you will now be able to download and print your Certificate direct from the AMI website. Here is a link to the Certificate of Currency

If you have any questions on this exciting new policy for AMI Members, please contact the AMI on 02 8256 1650 or email  You can also contact the AIA team on 1800 277 624 or email

NOTE: Please ensure that your Australian Marketing Institute membership number is quoted for authentication purposes. Unsure of your membership number? Please contact Membership Services on 02 8526 1650.

Association Insurance Australia is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet Australia Pty Ltd. AFSL No. 240549 Corporate Authorised Representative No. 1239086