As the leading professional marketing association in Australia, the Australian Marketing Institute offers a platform to advance your thinking, develop your skills, fuel your development and fulfil your potential.


By joining the Australian Marketing Institute, you will become a member of the country's largest professional body representing marketers from all industries, segments and job functions, enabling us to speak as the voice of the marketing profession.

We aim to assist members to keep up-to-date with new developments and trends in marketing practice to enhance present skills and to develop new ones.

Attendance at AMI functions and educational workshops is an excellent way to increase knowledge and to network with other marketers at reduced member rates.

We also offer programs consistent with continuing professional development and career advancement.

On application, new members are graded in one of the following categories according to their qualifications and experience:

Member (MAMI)

  • Holders of recognised tertiary (or degree) qualifications in marketing who have started an active career in marketing.
  • Those with significant practical marketing experience.

Associate Members have voting rights in AMI elections, are eligible for appointment to the National Board and to a state council if a CPM, and may display the post nominals AMAMI.

Fellow (FAMI CPM)

AMI members and Certified Practising Marketers who have been with the Institute for at least 5 years may qualify as a Fellow of the Institute. Holders of this status have proven themselves to provide cutting edge marketing theory and practice in their professional endeavours and are entitled to all the rights and benefits of membership of the Institute.

Fellows may use the post nominals “FAMI CPM” on their business cards and correspondence to denote their status.

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Corporate membership of the Australian Marketing Institute is an affordable way to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to sustain a competitive advantage and to integrate those attitudes into organisational culture.

It supports the ongoing professional development of marketing employees and assists in building and maintaining a marketing culture and awareness throughout the organisation.

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By joining the Australian Marketing Institute, you will become a member of Australia's professional body for marketers. Recent graduates who have just completed full-time study can join at a special graduate rate. Graduates receive full professional membership for the first two (2) years.

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Affiliation with the Australian Marketing Institute is a positive step at the beginning of your career in marketing. As a student member, you will be able to network with experienced marketers and to augment your theoretical knowledge and develop a pragmatic perspective on many aspects of marketing while making valuable contacts within the industry.

The AMI is committed to the mission "to lead, develop and promote the profession of marketing in Australia".

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