The Australian Marketing Institute's popular webinars enable attendees to participate from their home, office or anywhere in the world. It also allows the AMI to invite presenters from overseas without the usual constraints.

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Upcoming Webinars:

13 July Webinar 12pm [AEST] The state of CX in ANZ: Bridging the Experience Divide Andrew Thornton, Australian Marketing Institute Chair and Co-Founder and Director of The Customer Edge, a specialist advice business in CX. Liz Berks, Research Director at Vision Critical.  | Cost:  FREE Register Now

'With 89 per cent of companies expecting to compete primarily on the basis of Customer Experience in 2016, CX has become the new battleground. But what's the state of play in Australia and New Zealand?".

This webinar will present key findings from research with Australian Marketing Institute members, reflecting on how their business or organisation is performing in this critical area for comeptitive differentation, along with their own personal experiences as a customer. 

Almost a third of the responses came from the executive level and the findings provide a snapshot of CX drivers and trends, as well as the challenges facing professional marketers across ANZ in 2016. 

In this Webinar you'll learn about: 
> The 'experience divide' from the marketers perspective 
> Organisational and cultural change required for good CX management 
> Exploiting tech trends - are we keeping up? 

9 August Webinar 12pm [AEST] | Linkedin Marketing: Build Your Brand & Create Business Opportunities Lucy Bingle, Linkedin Marketing Expert | Cost: AMI Members are FREE; Non Members: $40.00 Register Now

Discover the power of LinkedIn. Learn how to leverage the world’s largest professional social network. There are 400+ million users worldwide and over 7 million users in Australia.  

Did you know that over 80% of B2B social leads come from LinkedIn, compared with 12.73% on Twitter, and 6.73% on Facebook?

In the LinkedIn Marketing Webinar, Lucy Bingle will share with you strategies that can be implemented immediately: 

>> Principles of LinkedIn Marketing
>> Lead Generation & Social Selling Techniques
>> Build Brand Awareness and Influence on LinkedIn

Lucy Bingle
 has 20 years marketing experience and is a LinkedIn Marketing Expert. She is passionate about helping
companies succeed in amplifying their brand, reaching their target audience and growing their business. She specialises in developing clever LinkedIn Marketing Strategies and trains professionals across all industries and functions on how to use LinkedIn effectively and efficiently - particularly how to market themselves, build brand awareness, social selling and lead generation techniques. Lucy creates and manages LinkedIn Strategies focusing on growing communities and engaging followers.
Lucy has a deep relationship with LinkedIn and is ahead of the curve on all new LinkedIn products, services, tips & tricks.

Recent Webinars:

  21 June Webinar 12pm [AEST] | Conceptualising, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity Frank Alpert, Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Queensland Business School | 

What is brand equity?  How to measure brand equity? How to manage brand equity? Want to be introduced to the world’s leading non-proprietary branding model?  This webinar is about building brand equity by using Professor Kevin Keller’s Customer-Based Brand Equity model.

Main take away points from this webinar include;
>> Defining customer-based-brand equity, presenting the Customer-Based Brand Equity model
>> Simple ways to measure key brand associations
 A simple model for planning and assessing brand communications

Frank Alpert is Associate Professor of Marketing at UQ Business School, The University of Queensland. He has taught brand strategy in the Masters program formore than a decade, and also teaches brand strategy in the UQ Business School Executive Education program.  He received the Pearson ANZMAC Distinguished Marketing Educator Award in 2014.  He is a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute and a Certified Practicing Marketer.  Originally from the USA (with degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, and University of Southern California), he has worked and lived in Australia for the past 20 years. 

10 May Webinar | Making your research work harder: How to stop your research investment gathering dust

Paul Nelson - Founder and Managing Director, BrandMatters

Making your research work harder: How to stop your research investment gathering dust.

It’s a familiar tale for most marketers.  An exciting research project is commissioned, a big investment is made, a thought provoking debrief is delivered and then ….  nothing.Months later the report is still sitting on the shelf or taking up space on the server, unloved, forgotten, and gathering (real or cyber) dust. How is this so?  We all know how important it is to understand our customers, and we all know how much time and money can be invested into research projects.  So how can we as marketers ensure that this significant investment brings lasting dividends to our brands and businesses, well beyond the debrief presentation.

This webinar explored the entire research cycle and discussed things that marketers can do before, during and after a research project to ensure that it delivers meaningful,

actionable and sustainable outcomes to a business and keeps on delivering long after the project is complete.  Some of the concepts covered include:


Adding clarity and purpose to the research brief
>> Ensuring that the project isn’t simply reinventing the wheel – the role of interrogating your previous research
>> Designing effective debrief sessions
>> Follow up exercises and tools to make the most of the research findings and keeps them top of mind and relevant, in an ongoing way.

Paul N

elson- Founder and Managing Director, BrandMatters 

Paul is an accomplished international marketer, with over 20 years marketing and brand management experience obtained in a diverse range of industries.

Paul established BrandMatters in 2002 in order to satisfy the need in the market for a strategic, research centric and results-focused brand and marketing agency. Operating at the intersection of business, brand and marketing, BrandMatters has its own in house research facility and design studio and specialises in solving internal and external brand challenges in large and complex environments. Paul oversees the development of the firm's strategy along with its research and client relationship functions.

Since founding BrandMatters, Paul has led significant brand and marketing projects for organisations and brands including Australian Institute of Fitness, Australian Liquor Marketers (Metcash), APA Group, Charles Sturt University, BT Investment Management, Eclipx Group, Macquarie Investment Management, Medibank Private, NAB Group, Sage, Suncorp, Telstra, and Wesfarmers Group. Prior to establishing BrandMatters in 2002, he held senior marketing roles at McDonald’s, was the Marketing Director at Tip Top Bakeries and Head of Global Brand at AMP. Paul has a Masters in Marketing from the University of Technology, Sydney. He is also a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute (FAMI) and a Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM).                          

 26 April Webinar | Write a Winning Awards Entry Sean Grant, Head Judge of 2016 Awards for Marketing Excellence, Moensie Rossier, Planning Director at BWM Dentsu, Nicolle Jenkins from The Hub Communications |

Currently submitting your 2016 Awards for Marketing Excellence campaign 

This free webinar takes you through the judging process of the 2016 Awards for Marketing Excellence and insights on the awards journey of 2015 winners from three time award winners, BWM Dentsu, and Corporate Social Responsibility award winners, The Hub Communications, with an overview of their campaign and approach to entering their awards entries.

In this webinar:

>> Tips and tricks our head judge to give your entry a head start
>> The judging criteria
>> Case studies from big and small organisations


12 April Webinar 12pm [AEDT] | How to find and tell stories to maximise your business opportunities- Getting to the heart of telling good brand stories. Sarah Mitchell and James Lush 


Why bother with story telling? If you want to maximize your opportunities for earned media, approaching your content with a media mindset is a good place to start. Brands using storytelling techniques and operating with a brand newsroom model have the ability to influence a wider audience. What's more, you have the opportunity to have your content published in a variety of traditional media channels. 

Sarah Mitchell and James Lush, co-hosts of the Brand Newsroom podcast, draw on their journalism and media
experience to deliver advice on what brands can do to tell better brand stories. In addition, marketers come away with ways to identify whether their news is newsworthy and the elements of every story needs to gain the attention of journalists, editors and publishers. 

Sarah Mitchell is Director of Content Strategy at Lush Digital Media, Chief Editor at Traction News, the Australian editor of the Content Marketing Institute and founder of Global copywriting. She's a writer at heart and an editor
by nature and spends much of her working life contemplating how writing and storytelling can help brands build long-term business assets from their marketing activities. In her spare time, Sarah volunteers her time as
Chairman at Braemar Presbyterian Care.

James Lush is the CEO of Lush Digital Media, the biggest Content Marketing agency in Western Australia. His 

broadcasting career spans more than 25 years as a reporter and producer for the BBC and ITV in the UK. He's currently the host of breakfast on 720 ABC Perth. James is working on one of the biggest stories in the world, advising Furgo (the company leading the search for the missing flight MH370 in the Southern Indian Ocean).



Past Webinars

23 Mar   | Can Branding and Marketing Communication Help Resolve the B2B Muddle? Don Edward Schultz, Northwestern Professor & Medill IMC Founder 
1 Mar     | Behavioural Economics Through a Digital Lens: Why we underestimate, overpay and consistently make choices we know we'll regret -  Dan Monheit, Director of Strategy at Hardhat Digital
9 Feb     | Brand Guidelines: How to Keep Your Team on Brand - Tessa Court, CEO of Intelligence Bank
17 Nov   | Content Marketing: How to Build a Case for the C-Suite - Mark Jones, Filtered Media
27 Oct    | How to Develop and Execute and Enterprise Level Customer Experience Strategy - Brad Meehan
22 Sep   | How Sports Marketing Contributes to Developing Strong Brand Leadership - John Davis, Executive Director- Duke CE Singapore
18 Aug   | One Looming Threat to Content Marketing Success: Worker Skills Chuck Frey and Robert Rose
22 July   | CXO Webinar How to build the Business Case for Customer Experience Investment - Brad Meehan
30 June | Series 2- Catapult your online Platform - Doyle Buehler
16June  | What's all the fuss about Design Thinking, and why is it important for Marketers?  - James Beeby & Brad Meehan, Stativity
11 June | The Paper CV is Dead - Why marketers need to create their own brand - Michael Kirsten, Kelly Services 
9 June   | Do you know the code? Fundamentals of advertising self-regulation - Simone Brandon & Marit Andersen, AANA

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Sarah Mitchell is Director of Content Strategy at Lush Digital Media, Chief Editor at Traction News, the Australian editor of the Content Marketing Institute and founder of Global Copywriting. She’s a writer at heart and an editor by nature and spends much of her working life contemplating how writing and storytelling can help brands build long-term business assets from their marketing activities. In her spare time, Sarah volunteers her time as Chairman at Braemar Presbyterian Care.

Recent Webinars:

Recent Webinars: