2016 Key Dates

ACT Public Sector Marketing Communications Summit

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The ideas boom is here. And if it lives up to the hype, were about to experience a new era of innovation and creative thinking. An era where we embrace calculated risk, act quickly to back good ideas and learn from our mistakes. In a culture like this – one that celebrates brave new thinking – ideas will thrive, and our economy along with them. The experts we’ve gathered for this year’s Public Sector Marketing and Communications Summit will help you and your team navigate this new landscape. 

New South Wales CX Summit


The AMI 2016 Customer Experience (CX) summit centres on designing the customer experience as an holistic piece; specifically how the principles that shape the whole can be applied to the design of specific interactions. We will explore design in the context of an Omni channel experience and also delve into the organisational and cultural challenges associated with the design of a great customer experience.

QLD Marketing Innovation Summit


Big budgets no longer guarantee marketing success, as digital levels the playing field. Innovation is the new game in town and who dares wins. This Summit is Australia’s leading marketing event in Queensland this year, and innovation will be taking centre stage. Be inspired and empowered by marketing experts that know how to harness innovation to disrupt existing markets, create loyal customers and drive business growth. Learn their secrets and receive practical know-how to go beyond creating to innovating –what’s working now, what they’ve learnt and what’s next.

2016 Awards for Marketing Excellence


The annual Australian Marketing Institute Awards for Marketing Excellence are presented to organisations and marketers who have achieved extraordinary success from innovative and effective marketing practices, having regard to the particular circumstances of different industries, budgets and the diversity of marketing programs.


The dramatic pace of technological change mandates unprecedented agility from marketers and companies in meeting new and sometimes unpredictable consumer demands. At the same time, the array of tools available to marketing professionals is expanding with breathtaking speed. Disruption and complexity, entwined with enormous challenges and previously undreamt of opportunities, are the characteristics of our age.

The WA Marketing Technology Summit 2016 (WAMTech16) is quite simply the professional  development event of the year. Proudly presented by the Australian Marketing Institute in partnership with The Communications Council, Public Relations Institute of Australia and Australian Market and Social Research Society, WAMTech16 offers compelling insights into the digital revolution transforming the world of marketing.