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Register your interest in being a mentor or a mentee

The Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program will recommence in 2017. To register your interest in being a mentor or mentee, please email membership@ami.org.au

The Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program aims to connect young South Australian marketing professionals with marketers who already have substantial experience in the profession.

This exposes young marketers to the advice, mentoring and inspiration of some of the finest marketers in Australia. It can also provide participants with the opportunity to network professionally in spectacular fashion!

AMI EMV - Mentor Program 2014 from Black Pepper Studio on Vimeo.

Benefits for mentees

>> Access to a senior marketer who can provide professional guidance and support.
>> Networking opportunities with peers and senior marketers.
>> Advice during the developmental stages of your marketing career.
>>New skills to advance to the next level of your career.

Benefits for mentors

Senior marketers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer emerging marketers about the realities of marketing in the real world. Your participation will provide you with:

>> Qualifying hours towards maintaining your Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) status.
>> Networking opportunities across different industries.
>> Access to up-and-coming talent.
>> The challenge and excitement of working with a passionate emerging marketer.
>> And that feeling of satisfaction that comes from helping someone be all that they can be.

What does it involve ?

>> Length of program: five months
>> Frequency of contact: once a month (or more if it suits you)
>> Commitment: at least one hour per fortnight (or more if it suits you)
>> Recommended mode of contact: scheduled one-on-one meetings as well as optional email and phone correspondence

How much for mentees ?
If you are already an AMI member, this program will cost you:
>> $78 (inc GST) for current student or professional members.

In 2017, the AMI will provide a 12-month membership to all non-members joining the Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program. This will give you access to exclusive events beyond the five months of the Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program to help you make the transition from young, emerging marketer to successful marketer! 

If you are a non-member, this program will cost you

>> $128 (inc GST) for students (including a 12-month AMI student membership) - you must be a full-time student
>> $218 (inc GST) for graduates who finished their studies within the last two years. This fee includes a 12-month AMI professional membership.
>> Full members $370 ($70 application fee waived) plus $78 = $478.00, however we will charge the Graduate rate of $140 plus $78 = $218.00 for 1 year only as an introduction fee for mentees.

How much for mentors ?

>> There is no cost associated to become a mentor. In order to become a mentor, it is a pre-requisite to be an AMI professional member (with a member category higher than associate designation) and a Certified Practising Marketer.

Further information required?

If you need further information regarding the Emerging Marketers (SA) Mentoring Program, please contact: Yvonne Little via email: membership@ami.org.au or Phone: 1300 737 445.