Australian Marketing Institute


Our purpose is to advance the marketing profession.

Our belief is that marketing should be future focussed. It unlocks the potential in ideas, markets and businesses, expresses these possibilities and realises their value – for customers and the organisation.

We ensure our members have the resources they need to fuel their abilities and put them ahead of the game. This unlocks the potential for them to create value now and lead their organisations into the future.


Our values reflect who we are, what we do and how we conduct ourselves. They mirror the issues we believe are important to the continued growth and evolution of the marketing profession.
These values drive us to fulfill our purpose:

Shaping the Future Together
As the leading body for marketing professionals, the Australian Marketing Institute collaborates with senior and emerging marketers, enterprise leaders across business, government and not-for-profit sectors, other industry associations, educators, tertiary institutions and governments in strengthening the marketing profession to create value now and lead organisations into the future.

Being Accountable
Marketing is purposeful, effective and measureable. It delivers business results, customer value and transformation. The Australian Marketing Institute ensures we provide the resources for Marketing professionals of today and the future to express possibilities and its benefits.

Learning and Evolving
In a marketplace that is shifting and where marketing practices and skills are rapidly evolving, the Australian Marketing Institute identifies the emerging trends, extends knowledge sharing in a globally connected world and connects marketing professionals to each other - to shape, create and deliver value and impact.

High Standards
The Australian Marketing Institute ensures the standards for marketing professional conduct, tertiary accreditation and ethical dealings are appropriate for the challenges facing marketing professionals. These high standards, along with the collective commitment of our professional members to uphold them continues to advance the standing of the marketing profession.